Sep 262014

High water alarms are a must for any sump pit.  But what good is an alarm if you are not home to hear it?  The new Blue Angel Advanced Text Alert solves this problem by sounding an audible alarm in a high water event, while texting an alert to up to 3 cell phones.  And furthermore, it will text you when the situation returns to normal.  This feature will provide peace of mind by allowing the homeowner to contact someone to check on a possible flooding situation and prevent any damage before it occurs.

The alarm also has a battery back-up feature that will allow the alarm/text notifications to work in the event of a power outage.  Not only will you be alerted to high water situations but additionally you will be alerted when you lose AC power to the alarm and again when the AC power is restored.  This would also let you know that other appliances may also be without power.  Additional texts are sent to alert you to a low battery.  One other feature allows you to text the unit to get a report on how everything is functioning.

The system is easy to set up and requires just a low annual fee for service.  It provides great peace of mind for those people on the go.